Is your music 100% PRS/PPL fee free/royalty free music?
Yes it is! .

Can I upgrade to another service at any time?
Yes and we'll discount any remaining complete unused months from your previous service against your new selection.

I have a computer, can I use this to receive your service?
Yes, so long as you have a good broadband connection and your computer is fitted with a soundcard, you'll just need to enter the username and password provided when you sign up

Can I use your system without a computer?
Yes you can! We have many different options to suit most situations please ask for more details.

The PRS tell me I have to provide them with a list of all the tracks and artists I am listening to on your service, is this correct?
No certainly not, the PRS and or PPL do not have the power to insist on track or artist listings.

How do you accept payment?
Our preferred method of payment is Paypal, you can use this service to pay by your credit/debit card. Other accepted payment methods are Cheque/Postal Order and direct Bank Transfer (BACS).

Can you provide before and after sales support?
Yes, we provide support by email, phone and SMS if required.

Do I need a licence to use your services?
No you don't. You just pay for 1 years service and then it is up to you if you would like to renew.

Do you charge more for larger premises?
No we don't. Unlike the PRS/PPL and some other music suppliers our charges are made per location, large or small the price is the same.

Can my PRS fees be claimed back?
Yes they can. Unused months of PRS fees paid in advance can be claimed back once you start using our service, please see the PRS website for details.

Will I hear Abba, Queen or Take That etc?
No you won't, if you want to hear bands like these please keep paying the PRS/PPL fees, if you want to hear great unsigned bands and artists please join us.

How much will your service cost me?
Our prices start at just £4 per month

But as a guide see below

1: Subscribe to one of our Radio services
2: You must have good broadband internet connection
3: A computer with sound card and speakers
4: Login to your account and you are done..Easy

Please call with any pre-sales questions