All streaming services can be paid for monthly by PayPal subscription [3 Months in advance to cover setup costs], otherwise they are paid for yearly in advance and the different options and what they can offer are listed on the chart below, all have massive playlist of music with regular updates on a continuous repeating loop.

The GOLD option now has a selection of radio streams to choose from ranging from upbeat dance music to relaxing music for health salons etc some with Djs others without, swop and change as often as you like as your mood takes you, so you have an even bigger choice of music, great value at only £10 per month

The Bronze option is a very cheap alternative to paying PRS/PPL fees but has 3 Music Streams/Stations to choose from and has the occasional station ID, but costs only £48 per year, less than £1 a week!! Great for general background music.

Please call with any pre-sales questions